Developing and Protecting Your Faith

Developing and Protecting Your Faith 

Protect your faith.  Fight for it, defend it, live it, and speak it.  The enemy doesn’t like your faith in God, doesn’t value your beliefs, and wants to do everything He can to overthrown you.  In the world we live in they are telling you that your beliefs don’t matter, that everything goes, the only thing that matters is “your truth.”  All of these are lies.  There is truth and that truth is found in the word of God.   

As you build on the solid foundation of God’s word, remember, not to accept lies.   

Don’t sell yourself with false ideologies.  Hebrews 13:9 

Don’t give in to strange doctrines. Hebrews 13:9 

Don’t accept doctrines of devils. I Timothy 4:1-3 

Don’t receive a new gospel, it leads to destruction. Galatians 1:8-9 

Don’t get entangled with people who are loyal to false religious practices. Galatians 5:1 

Resist any system that adds to the word of God. Revelation 22:19 

Deny any Church that takes away from the word of God. Revelation 22:19 

Deny any program that asks you to worship false gods, saints, and angels. Luke 4:8 

Remember there is only one gospel that leads to salvation. Acts 6:4 

We live in a world that glorifies the new age, welcomes false teachers, and allows the voices of lies to prevail. Understand that you must hold your spiritual ground. Many will say that they know the Lord and will not be able to enter into the kingdom of God because they did not obey the word of God.  Many people will seek salvation from Jesus Christ but will not receive it because they were never truly brought into the body of Christ and were never born again of the water and the Spirit of God.  Many people will look for eternal life, but will not receive it because they were led astray by false teachers, false Christ’s, and false systems.  Remain true to the only true word of God and if those you walk with are not willing to renounce idol worship and demonic entanglements, you must let them go and be separated from the unfruitful works of darkness.   

-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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