The Word of God commands you to prosper!

If you meditate in the word you are commanded to prosper

If you live the word you are commanded to prosper!

If you preach the word you are commanded to prosper!

The word of God is perfect

The name of Jesus is perfect

If you read the word and speak the name perfection rests upon you!

Perfection commands the blessing of God upon your life!

Not only will you be blessed but you cannot refuse the blessing when you are in God’s word!

Blessings will overtake you and your family!

Prosperity and blessings will tackle you even when you try to flee!

Light will point you in the right direction when Jesus and His word fills you up!

If this word blesses you, type AMEN and SHARE!

If you need prayer dial 1-833-552-7770

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Join me daily at 3PM EST and 9PM EST for the Holy Spirit Healing conference call on zoom (info on the website and app).

Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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