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God Has A Word About How People Treated You, Please Read...

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

I pray that each of you are blessed today and that you are feeling the encouragement of the Lord. I know that there are various challenges that many of you are facing. I know that the pressure of life has been getting to you. I am also praying for those of you whose faith is being challenged, and I am believing God that you will stand for what you believe and continue to persevere for the Lord. I want to encourage you to know that your labor is not in vain and God is looking out for you. I’m joining you in prayer that your family will be taken care of and that you will have peace.

Let me share with you what the Holy Spirit has laid upon my heart; I hope it blesses you. He’s been talking to me about the topic of Loving God and Loving Everyone Else. In our world today we see a great lack of love and care for others, we see many people willing to satisfy their greed and lust, above helping others. Everyone wants to sell you something; get their program; cause you to fall into their trap for their own personal gain. The problem is, God isn’t calling us to take advantage of people nor is He calling us to be taken advantage of. Some of you have been hurt by:

People who wanted things from you…

People who abandoned you when you said no…

People who have only invited you in their community to see what they could get from you…

People who forsook you in your most needful time…

People who didn’t value you but took advantage of you…

God sent me to tell you that whatever happened to you is not a reflection of His love for you; that whoever hurt you wrongly is not representative of how He feels about you. He wants you to know that He calls us to love and support one another. He wants you to know that whether you’ve been to Church or not, He loves you. Whether you’ve been a giver or not, He loves you. He wants you to know that if you haven’t seen this love from a pastor, Church family, or your relatives that He loves you and we are all called to have that same love. Be encouraged and receive the love of God.

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-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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