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God is Adding to You, New Territory

The Lord wants to add new territory to you. He is speaking new opportunity, new venture, new ideas, and new platforms. He has chosen you to explore and enter places that those who came before you would never set their feet. The power of the Holy Spirit that rests upon you is the source of your strength and the source of your resources. He will build you, He will uplift you, and He will grant you the victory because you carry His presence.

Every place you go, there will be spiritual victory. The land will be given to you because Jesus Christ wants the earth to be filled with His glory. Every place you go, God will bring righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Ghost. By your presence, people will experience the healing and the peace of God. The Spirit of the Lord is saying, go forth and conquer with the power of God. Don’t be afraid to walk and take authority by faith. Don’t doubt what God has promised. Claim these new areas and territories that God has given you by miracle faith. Receive the elevation, the promotion, and the land that God has given you.

In order for you to obtain what God has given, you must:

1. Realize that the word of Prophecy enables you to endure the test – Joshua 6:2

2. Receive and believe the divine direction from God – Joshua 6:2-3

3. Believe that God is before you and behind you – Joshua 6:8

4. Operate in perfect faith, giving God the legal right to bless you – I Peter 4:1

5. Look for God’s miracle working power, not flesh – John 6:63/ Joshua 6:8

6. Recognize there’s a divine schedule for the takeover with God – Joshua 6:5

7. Repeat to others, only what God has spoken to you – Joshua 6:5-10

8. Acknowledge that your tongue alone won’t win this battle – Joshua 6:10

9. Simply, only believe God’s promise – Joshua 6:16-20

10. Rise up early enough to saturate the atmosphere with perfect prayer – Joshua 6:15

11. Wait on God to knock down the barriers & walls – Joshua 6:15-20

12. Go perform what Jesus Christ told you to do – Joshua 6:21

Remember, the Lord wants to add territory to your life because He wants His kingdom ruling within every place on earth. There is so much more for you to receive; there’s so much more room to go. The Lord only asks that you believe that it’s yours and that you walk out in faith to establish it within the earth. It’s His will that you and your family rule in the earth that His glory may cover all lands and people. Receive what’s yours in Jesus name.

Go to and select “Kingdom Leadership and Join the Kingdom School. We meet every Sunday for Private Kingdom Leadership Development. You will become the next spiritual leader of your community.

In His service,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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- Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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AMEN thank you pastor Griffith for sharing these beautiful words of positivity Almighty God bless you and your family!!🙏🏽💖🙏🏽


Amen 🙏🏿 thank you for this good word!


Amen Thank you God for the word i receive it 🙏🏾


Amen To God be all the Glory!


Deanne preudhomme
Deanne preudhomme
Nov 18, 2023

Confirmation since yesterday Hod showing me Hebrews 11 to have faith and some men in the bible recieved their promises through faith Amen Glory to God

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