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God Says, You May Be Despised By Man But He’s Going to Exalt You

Heavenly Father,

I ask that you bless the body of the person reading this prayer. I pray that you silence their worries and mute every fear in Jesus name. Lord God I ask that you release supernatural healing upon their body, soul, spirit! Allow the angels of God to minister to them and give them divine grace. Father, I ask that you cover and protect their children, keep them with a sound mind and spirit and rebuke the devour from their life in Jesus name!


God is saying to you today, that you should not underestimate the gifts that He has placed within you and that every blessing He has given you is designed for a purpose. Some of you may feel like Leah, boring, unattractive, and unloved, but God is saying I have ordained you to bear fruit just like Leah. She was unloved but fruitful; she was hated but she had the most children of Israel; she wasn't exciting, but she brought forth the lion of Judah, Jesus the Messiah!

Don't underestimate who you are because of how people have made you feel. Don't despise yourself because you've been overlooked. God says you are loved and you are going to be blessed in the midst of your enemies. Your family, friends, and enemies will all see the results of the hand of God upon your life and they won't be able to deny it. Continue to manifest the anointing through prayer, the word of God, fasting, and giving to the Lord! Jesus Christ will not fail you!

If you receive this word, type AMEN and SHARE it!

-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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