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Good Morning Family! The Lord Has a Message for You on Your Identity in Christ!

Good Morning Liberate Family! This morning God inspired me with a word to encourage you about understanding your identity in Christ! In the story of Jacob, in Genesis 31 & 32, we find that Jacob was living in fear, doubt, and mental weakness. He was afraid of Laban and he was afraid of his brother Esau. He was just breaking out of financial lack and family confusion. It was in this moment that God assigned angels to help Jacob see himself the way God saw him.

God had already given Jacob the blessing of Abraham; God had already sent angels to escort him; God had already given him divine protection. There was just one major problem, Jacob did not recognize how blessed he was. Jacob continually viewed himself as lower than others. He saw himself as lower than his boss Laban, and he saw himself as lower than his brother Esau. The truth is, Jacob was more blessed than them both. It wasn't until he wrestled with the angel that he saw who he really was in the eyes of God. The angel changed Jacob's name to Israel and let him know that he had power with God and power with men. This was the major change that took place in Jacob's life, he finally saw himself as a prince among men. It took him 20 years to see who he was.

My prophetic encouragement for you today is don't wait for 20 years to recognize that you are a prince or princess in the realm of God and man. Don't wait for 20 years to see that you are blessed above the people in the world; don't wait to see that you are divinely protected by angels; and don't wait to see that you have divine destiny written over your future. Use the power of God that is on your life, put yourself in positions so that the blessings of God may spread in every area of your influence. Don't forget that the day you were baptized into Jesus Christ, you received a new heavenly identity and you possess the greatest blessing of all time and eternity in Christ!

If you receive this word, type AMEN and SHARE it!

-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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