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Good Morning! Register for the Heavenly Family Program!

Tonight at 7PM EST we will begin our first Heavenly Family session called “ The Biblical Spouse”. This is the first of many sessions that are focused on building Heavenly Family’s versus the “Hell Family” being produced by the world’s system! This program is 100% free, all you need to do is register at

We will be teaching every Thursday at 7PM EST for the next 7 weeks on how to build strong family’s. Topics include:

How to Become a Biblical Spouse

Roles and Responsibilities of a Wife

Roles and Responsibilities of a Husband

Choosing Your Biblical Spouse

Biblical Intimacy in Marriage

Raising Godly Children

Motivating Your Family

Training Your Family to Be Leaders

Finance in Marriage

There will be so much more in the Heavenly Family Program. The first sessions are focused on “The Marriage Series.”

Enroll now, for 100% free also don’t forget to download the LILOC App. Share this with your family and friends, whether they are single or married. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO LEARN!

God bless you and see you tonight and every Thursday at 7PM EST. Zoom information to attend is on the flyer, the front page of LILOC, and also here, but you must register 😊. Pin: 7 or dial

646-876-9923 Access ID: 7739228270 Pin: 7

God bless you!!


Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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