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Good Morning Wonderful People of God! Hear this Prophetic Word!

Let God Arise in Your Life!

There is nothing for you to be afraid of as you move out in the will of God! Favor and blessings belong to you! Divine goodness is your portion! Strength is God’s choice for you! Don’t feel limited by the pressures that the world seeks to bring your way, don’t feel distressed by the Frantic spirits roaming the earth! Stand up prophetically and let your voice out! God has seen you and He is going to walk with you with all power in His hands!

He has the power to save, the power to help, and the power to SOURCE your whole life! Great things are going to happen within you and outside of you! Press closer into the word of God in this season because you will need the vectors of heaven! You will be guided by the Spirit of God and anointed by His presence!

Keep the doors of your heart open to the Spirit of God! Allow the joy of the Lord to be your delight! Many will come and some will go, but the Lord shall be your everlasting light and those who take refuge in God will delight in you! Finances will come as you continue to serve the people. Walk in the grace that has been given to you!

In Jesus Name!

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Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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