Keep Your Eyes on the King

The King of kings is coming! He is preparing us in this season for His soon return. Don’t be comfortable in this sinful world, don’t be comfortable in this world of darkness. So many people are going to and from trying keep up with a declining society, seeking to make it in a world that is not designed for a Christian to prosper. The truth is we need to stand our ground and keep our hearts fixed on the Lord.

One of the biggest distractions we face is finance and money problems. Everyone is overwhelmed with inflation, the cost of food, school, and many other burdensome challenges. What are these? These are all distractions from your focus on God and your stability in Christ.

You need to fight for your relationship in the Lord! You need to fight for your time of devotion! You need to go to war for your eternal purposes. Your family depends on your steadfastness, they depend on your prayer life and your time in the word. Stay in tune with the Lord and locked in to your purpose. Your reward will be great in the Lord!

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