May God Bless Every One of You! Hear this Prophetic Word….

What God has for you is for you. The people He has called to your life will remain in your life. What God has for you will stay and you won’t need to fight to keep it.

How many times have you been disappointed that you’ve lost a job, a friend, an opportunity only to find out later that God already had something better in mind? You have to have faith that God is working it out for you! You have to have faith that Jesus Christ is ordering your steps.

Don‘t be frustrated by losses, don’t be disappointed by set backs, God knows what He is doing in your life! If they want to walk away, let them walk! If they have found something better, let them go.

Why? Because God has something better for you. It’s going to work out for your good! You will triumph in the end! You will grow and enjoy peace in your journey! Type AMEN and SHARE if you receive it!

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Pastor Jimmy

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