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You Are Approaching Your Promise

God is calling you to believe the promise even when you don’t see the evidence.  Today you are at the beginning phase and you can’t see how far the Most High is going to take you.  You are just beginn

You’re Being Elevated 1000%, Not Rejected

God knows that you have been feeling left out.  You’ve felt hidden, unappreciated, and undervalued.  You feel that you have not reached your full potential and the status in life that God has called y

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No sound! Omg! God said many times in the Bible Fear Not! Fear will make you believe a Lie! Have faith in God! God hath said many times! Fear hath torment! It is the opposite of, Faith on the other hand in believing that what God hath said must come to past fully persuaded! That if God said it! None of these diseases shall come upon us! We can trust & believe it is so!

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