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Stand On God’s Holy Word

Seek the divine seat that God has called you to. Remember that the power of God has called you to lead in His glorious government. You are called to disciple those internally and proclaim the good news to those externally. The Spirit of the Great God wants to use you to transform lives, to guide them, and empower them with the greatest gift in all creation, GOD’S HOLY WORD. The word of God is the principle thing, the voice of the LORD is the primary thing, and there is nothing more important than His word. Write His word upon the tables of your heart, inscribe His word on the faculties of your mind, and seal His word in the depths of your soul and spirit. Become a seed of the word of God and everything connected to you will be empowered with glorious light and the highest order of spiritual jewels. 

Do not be discouraged about where you are. No matter if your enemies have scattered you, it was God that sent you. Remember that the King of kings is righteous and His righteousness reigns over you. You are covered by His righteousness, you are surrounded by His righteousness, and you have been given His righteousness. Because He prospers and reigns, you too will prosper and reign. Your enemies may have driven you from their land, but the Spirit of God will give you your very own land to dwell in. 

The Lord Jesus Christ will cause you to become fruitful; He will lead you to the land of increase because you have trusted in His divine word and nature. He is going to send you helpers that will feed you with life and love; He is going to direct good people to you that will support and guide you. Lack will not be named among you. Those who have lied to you will no longer be able to lie to you anymore. Those who have made your life bitter will experience their own bitterness. Don’t believe the lies they have spoken over you, the King is going to remove those who despise His name.

Your day of supernatural victory is upon you. God fills the heavens and the earth and sees everything. Call upon His name, JESUS, and receive miracles from heaven. Hold on to the good and right ways of the Lord; don’t fold to perverting His word like so many have. Stand on the WORD OF GOD and you will delight in what He has planned for you. Those who have used their tongue against you will be brought down. Those who have sought to quiet you, will be brought to silence. Tell your dreams from the Holy Spirit and speak His word faithfully. Your reward is coming in Jesus name. 

References: Jeremiah 23, John 6:27 


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In His service,  

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith 



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