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Value Your Peace Above the Riches of this World

They are telling you that money is more important than your peace, that fame is more important than your joy. They are telling you that there are things more important than the simplicity of life and the enjoyment of your family.  They are telling you to seek for more resources, discover new financial secrets, and dedicate your life to gaining riches.  They are telling you to be inspired by their fame, be jealous of their worldly accomplishments, and to be provoked by their lavish lifestyles.  They are telling you all of these things, but God says their wrong.

You can have money but no peace of mind; you can have fame, but be miserable on the inside. Jesus Christ says that your life is not measured by how many things you possess (Luke 12:15).  Christ teaches us that the pursuit of the Kingdom of God will lead to the prosperity that God has in store for you and all other things will be automatically added unto you (Matthew 6:33).  He tells us that we shouldn’t covet what others have, we shouldn’t be jealous of anyone else’s progress, and that we should be seeking those things which are above in heaven, to include, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost (Romans 14:17).  We should be in pursuit of the power of God, the presence of God, Eternal life, spiritual rewards, God’s family, and the saving of souls.

The question is, who will you take your advice from?  Will you take the stand that your peace is enough, that your heavenly calling is enough, that God’s will for your life is enough?  Will you seek God and find your validation and valuation in Him?  Will you identify yourself the way God ordained it?  Will you appreciate your life and peace as God’s best for you.  Will you reject the idea that what you are and what you have is not enough?  Let us repent from following the world and return again to follow the principles of Christ.

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