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Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom!

God is calling you to wisdom, knowledge, and understanding! It is in the place of wisdom that you will find prosperity and blessings, but many people cannot find wisdom for a few reasons.


—Too lazy to pursue it

—Distractions get in the way

—Don’t understand the importance

Whoever possesses wisdom will lead. Whoever harnesses Wisdom will succeed and show others the way. Those who are too lazy to pursue wisdom will always live below their potential, they will never possess anything of their own, and will always be subservient to others. The lazy will spend their time seeking rest and relaxation instead of studying and applying wisdom principles to their life.

Those who don’t understand the importance of wisdom and allow themselves to be distracted by others will also never realize their place of greatness. To the one that makes it up in his mind that I will daily pursue wisdom principles and understanding, nothing will hold him down. He may not have any earthly resources or finances, but the wisdom and understanding obtained from God will carve a path of blessings and step by step he will rise. The rise will not be based on money or materialism but by the gifts, skills, and talents harnessed by steadfast consistency and study of their craft. Get more wisdom!

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Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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