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Prophetic Prayer

Join our LILOC Prophetic Prayer Meetings daily at 0830 AM EST and 9PM EST. or by dialing 646-876-9923 Pin 773-922-8270

Longevity Fasting

Join our Longevity Fasting and Prayer community!  Work with a leader and develop the fast that best helps your spiritual life and helps your body to heal naturally.  Also, find out the proper supplements and essentials oils you need for healing and restoration.

Friday Night Fellowship

Connect with a local LILOC Friday Night Fellowship Group!  To connect, contact the local leadership at 202-779-2371.  Bring your family and friends.

Hallelujah Jesus Worship

Join us every Saturday night for our Hallelujah Jesus worship time.  Come call upon the name of the Lord, worship, and dance in His presence.  Connect via teleconference and/or in local fellowship.  Contact 202-779-2371 to get connected!


Come out and serve the homeless community with us!  Also, train your youth on Biblical leadership, video creation, and public speaking!  Contact the LILOC Leadership in the DMV area at 202-779-2371.

Business Opportunities

Join our community of business leaders.  Let us train you on how to build a business, take part in one of our business opportunities, and/or establish a Non-Profit.  Also if you need credit repair or life insurance we will take care of you!  Contact the LILOC Leadership in the DMV area at 202-779-2371.

LILOC Leadership - DMV

Contact the LILOC Leadership Team:



Phone: 202-779-2731

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Give to the Homeless Ministry: PayPal.met/MYHOPENATION


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