We Need Real Love

March 7, 2017

Above everything else you should strive to have REAL love.  Real love is sincere, real love is forgiving, real love is willing to try again.  Jesus showed us real love when He died on the cross for sinners.  He didn’t die on the cross for good people, He didn’t die on the cross for righteous people, but He died on the cross for people who were sinners.  That’s REAL love.  


The same love that Jesus showed you, He wants you to show towards Him.  We ought to sacrifice for Jesus because He sacrificed for us.  We should be willing to let things go because He forgave us of our sins.  The same forgiveness that Jesus gave to you, is the same forgiveness that you should extend to others.  The same sacrifice Jesus gave to deliver us from sin should be the same level of sacrifice that we provide to find and save people who are going to hell.


When you love, you ought to REALLY love.  No scams, no schemes, no strategies, no deception, and no hidden benefits.  Love for love’s sake.  When you love, people feel it.  When you have the love of God in your heart, the presence of God will be with you everywhere.  Your faith will finally work when you have love.  Be a living example of the love of God!


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