God Wants You to Be a Blessing!

December 30, 2017

Are you a blessing? Are you fulfilling your role to bless the world? When you know that you’ve been called to be a blessing, you focus on being a blessing. You don’t argue about who you have to help, who you’re called to serve, or what you have to do to fulfill your mission. When you’re called to be a blessing, you’re just that, a blessing. God made you a blessing for a reason. He wants you to touch lives and change hearts. He wants you to turn the curses of men into blessings from Jesus.


Every day you should remember that the people that God has brought into your life are there for a reason. They are in your life for you to bless them. Some may need spiritual help and God has called you to bless them; some may need physical help, and God has called you to heal them; some may need financial help or mental help, and God has called you to minister to them all the same. He called you to be a blessing in whatever way you can be a blessing.


People know when you have blessed them; they never forget how you helped them in their darkest hour. They can feel the blessing of God on your life. They can sense the care, the love, and the will to help them in their times of need. You are blessed to be a blessing and the gift that God has given you has made you special. God doesn’t ask us to go find curses, he just asks us to be a blessing. For those who need your blessing, they will find you. You don’t need to chase them down, but they will find you.


You may be the answer to their problem; you may be the door by which they access the supernatural; you may be the key that brings spiritual blessings into their lives; and you may be the blessing that brings glory to their dreams and visions. When you cover others with the blessing that you have, they will be guided to heaven, not to the cares of this life. Be a blessing to those who enter your path, you are there to help them. Don’t worry about those you can’t bless, they are destined to be blessed by others. Be a blessing everywhere you go! Blessed!


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