God Wants You to Be His Representative

December 31, 2017

God wants you to be His representative!!!


Why do so many people have the idea that a Church building will save them? Why do so many people worship their leaders as if a leader can save them? I mean, we have got it all wrong.


You cannot expect to treat people wrong and be saved. You can’t forsake your children and expect to be saved. You can’t live a lie and expect to be saved. Jesus tells us that the greatest commandment we can fulfill is to love, and the reality is…

Some of the most hateful, proud, and contentious people in this world expect to be saved.

That’s just not the case.


It doesn’t matter who your pastor is, what Church you come from, how much money you gave in tithes and offerings, how out of breath you got dancing and shouting, if you do not have love, you are not saved liked Jesus wants you to be saved.

In fact, you might not be saved at all.

Has it ever occurred to you how people will follow traditions over the word of God? Do you think that will stand in Heaven’s court? Do you think God will say, I understand why you didn’t love your brother, your sister, your mother, or your father? It was because of what you were taught in Church. Come on into my kingdom.

I don’t think so. God is going to simply surprise so many people who thought they were doing His will, but were so far away from it.


If what you are doing is not what the bible says, you are wrong. If you’re Church is not teaching you to love your family and care for them, you are in error. The Bible says if you don’t take care of your household, you are worse than an unbeliever.


Well I go to Church…doesn’t matter.

Well I’m the Sunday School secretary….doesn’t matter.

Well I gave a lot in offering last week….doesn’t matter.

Well I drove the pastor and his wife to their appointments…doesn’t matter.

Well I fasted and prayed….doesn’t matter.


None of these things matter if you miss the Greatest Commandment to Love

The qu

estion is did you love the way God said love? Did you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help the sick, visit the prisoner, did you take care of your family? If the answer is NO… You probably need to repent and turn back to God because you are out of His will. Many will say Lord, Lord and He will say I don’t know you, you workers of iniquity. Don’t follow traditions, follow God’s Bible!


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