God Wants You to Have the Anointing

January 2, 2018

Forget your doubters, forget the scoffers, forget the people that try to hinder you and press in to your anointing. You don’t need anyone on your team but Jesus Christ and faithful Christians. Too often we become sidetracked with empty and void people who think they know a lot, but actually don’t know a thing. They sit in the judgment seat, hoping to discourage you, wishing to overthrow you, but forget how sinful their personal life is and how much garbage surrounds their past and present (in and out of Christ). You have to put those folks behind you because they will only hinder your flow in the Spirit.


God has called you to press into His anointing and bring life and light to the people around you. Don’t ever let the words of vain and proud people hinder your spirit. They can’t do anything for you besides discourage you. They can’t pay your bills, they can’t teach you doctrine, and they can’t cover you with spiritual protection; the only thing they can do is be a hindrance to your spirit, if you let them. The best thing for you to do is surround yourself with people who love, love, love God’s word and press in to your anointing. You’ve been called for a purpose and your purpose will be manifested in its season.


Scoffers can only scoff so long; naysayers can only talk so long. The anointing endures, the glory manifests whom God has chosen, and the power is alive in real prophets. Don’t take your eyes off the blessing you’ve been given; don’t turn your face from the prize that has been set before you; and don’t look the other way. Press into your anointing until everything that’s not supposed to be in you is out of you. Press into your anointing until God sends you real anointed people who back you and push you to do greater for Christ. The anointing attracts anointed people; carnality attracts carnal people. Press into your anointing.


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