God Wants to Save People

January 4, 2018

Our people are dying and falling into deception. People with some of the most amazing gifts use their talents and gifts only for a short time and then are cut off. They dazzle us with singing, comedy, and engineering; they make their millions, and then leave this planet. It’s time out for watching these people go into eternity unprepared and unrepentant. It’s time out for pushing them to give us more only for them to lose their families and lose their eternal souls. We need to get these people saved. It’s sad how famous people can live a successful life in the eyes of the world, but on their death bed wish they had spent more time with family and friends. It’s sad how our so-called favorite people can stun the world with their gifts and skills only to end up dead at a very early age.


The love of money and love of the world is literally destroying people, it is abusing people, and it is sucking the enjoyment of life out of people. We need to get back to good old fashion life and love. If we would stop forcing people to do more with less, stop pushing them to perform better, and give us better, many of these people would live longer and see the true meaning of life. Life is not about who can make the best products, who can make the most money, and who can look the best. All of those things are vain and overrated. Life is about who you can love, enjoy, and appreciate while you are on this earth. Eternal life is about the same thing, only you love God and people in heaven forever and ever.


So many stars receive daggers to the heart and enter into an early grave because they were seeking to do better or out-do the person doing better. They want to make a name that won’t be forgotten only to find out that their name will not outlive their own generation. Many of these people get hooked on drugs, fall into sexual temptations, and many dangerous and evil situations. Why? All because they thought that doing better in this world meant something. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t mean anything. They’re here and then they’re gone. They’re gone with the wind, extinct, and dead in the grave. God wants people to live. What if these people could be worshipping Jesus? Many of them would still be here. What if you’re favorite music artist were praising the Lord? What if the most brilliant minds were creating things for Christ? Take the pressure off of these people and tell them they’re only human and they need Jesus desperately.


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