God Wants You to Have Spiritual Vision

January 5, 2018

Why are you allowing the enemy to steal your vision? Why are you letting him take control of your future? Why are you giving in and giving up on what God called you to do? There are many people who have lost their spiritual vision. Spiritual vision is something that we must fight for, we must war for, and we must not allow the enemy to take from us. Your spiritual vision is important for your future development. As you search through scripture it becomes clear that those who were most powerful were those who were most anointed with spiritual vision and guidance. Without vision we tend to give up, we tend to give in, and we tend to die. A man with vision is a man who learns to practice; a man with vision has the spirit of motivation and the spirit of encouragement resting upon Him.


The enemy will attempt to steal your vision, divide your vision, and destroy your vision; however, you must fight for your vision. There will be those who will come into your life with the sole purpose of taking your vision, supplanting your vision, or usurping your vision, but you must not give in to these distractions. Things that seek to destroy your vision is the desire for the wrongs things, too much of worldly things, and choosing the good things instead of the best things. The enemy doesn’t care how he destroys your vision, he just wants to destroy it; the enemy doesn’t mind if you get discouraged, depressed, or if you die; he simply wants you to lose your vision.


You have to be willing to separate yourself from anyone and anything that seeks to destroy your vision. I know it may hurt, I know it may not be the most popular thing, and I know that it may be discouraging at times, but you have to get away from people and things that come to destroy your spiritual sight. When you separate from worldly people, God will speak to you. When you get in a quiet place, God will elevate you and promote you. God is calling for you to be sensitive to His Spirit, be humble, and build your altar for God. Walk with God and do what He is calling you to do.


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