God Wants You to Be Healed

January 7, 2018

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue (tiredness), lupus, eye problems, cancer, fibromyalgae, chrons disease, arthiritis, pain, or any other chronic disease you need to read this message or get it to someone who needs to read it. Here are some very POWERFUL recommendations that may reverse these diseases.


I normally do not write on these topics (and by no means am I a medical professional, this is my DISCLAIMER); however, the Bible teaches us the SECRETS we need for being healthy, feeling healthy, and looking healthy.

The bottom line is that I want to help someone out there who has a need. Perhaps medication is not helping you or even worse it is causing more underlying problems in your health. If this is you or you know someone this applies to, please pay very close attention, it just may save someone's life.


There are so many medications on the market and there are so many side-effects that come along with them; quite often these medications do not solve the real problem, but they only leave us financially broke and unstable. Today, I would like to discuss what the Bible says about all chronic diseases and what we can do about them. The Bible teaches us that if we obey the commandments of God that none of these diseases would cleave to us. I believe the word of God.

The Bible teaches us that a life of fasting and/or healthy eating leads to longevity and a good quality of life; however, today many doctors teach that we shouldn't fast and that we shouldn't rely upon house-hold remedies. Now the truth of the matter is that many physicans make their money by prescribing medications; furthermore, another truth is that some physicians simply don't know how to help. The fact is, God knows how to help!


God didn't say He would heal every sickness, but diabetes. He didn't say He could heal every sickness, but cancer. God can heal every sickness and make you feel better overall. Over and over, there are cases in which very sick people reverse their conditions and are made whole by prayer, properly changing their diet, and adding the proper daily supplements. Below I will share foods for optimal health and supplements for optimal health.


Dr. Lorraine Day and Dr. Joel Wallach are among the most renown medical physicians who have turned against many medical practices and have begun echoing the call of the Bible to lead men to natural healing and reliance upon God. Dr. Day was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and totally reversed it by prayer, proper eating, and supplementation. Dr. Joel Wallach has aided millions of people around the world in recovering from their sicknesses the natural way, also blended with supplementation.


What am I saying? You are not without hope. If you are suffering, there are solutions. The problem is finding the exact solution to your problem. Quite often, instead of seeking God and asking Him for solutions, many people are immediately placed on medications and never find out how to truly recover.

There is always a way out if you would get the answer from God. Many of the issues we face today in our bodies are due to lack of proper vitamins and minerals. The lack of vitamins and minerals in our bodies eventually cause the breakdown of our small blood vessels, arteries, kidneys, lungs, heart, eyes, etc. On top of that, poor nutrition stifles the vitamin and mineral intake we need and introduce negative substances to our blood and ultimately our bodies.


Put simply...When your blood is unhealthy, your entire body is unhealthy. God teaches us in the Bible that the "Life" is in the blood. Therefore, if your blood is sick, your body will be sick. Jesus came to fix the problem with human blood and redeem us from the blood of Adam. What am I saying? I'm saying that if the proper vitamins, minerals, and blood levels are regulated you may very well reverse whatever conditions you have developed over time.


How do I do it?


The first thing is, you have to begin receiving the proper vitamins and minerals. One of the best ways to get the proper vitamins and minerals is to supplement with a daily multi-vitamin. Now, of course there are more specific supplements; but the quickest way to stop your deficiency is to get a powerful multi-vitamin in your system. Why? In order to get all the vitamins and minerals needed for good heart health, there are a plethora of foods that you would need to consume due to the soils we raise our crops on. The soil that most of our food comes from are not as rich as they need to be, so even if you eat a lot, you may still go without the most essential nutrients for good brain and heart health.

There are a plethora of vitamins and minerals we need to help our bodies. For example, when you are suffering from bone, muscle aches and cramps, it is usually do to a vitamin and mineral deficiency. When you are tired everyday and all day, it is usually because you have a vitamin and mineral deficiency. When your blood pressure is high, it is often due to lack of magnesium (which is a mineral). Below, I will provide a link to a tried and true supplement that will immediately bring you energy and begin filling your body with a balance of vitamins and minerals.


As I previously stated, many of the chronic diseases that exist in the world today are due to lack of proper dieting, lack of vitamins, minerals, and lack of knowledge. My precious grandmother and a dear sister of mine both passed away due to complications with high blood-pressure and diabetes. Without the knowledge on how to effectively lower their blood pressure and glucose (sugar) numbers they suffered. Now I would like to tell you what you have to do in order to overcome many of the health complications we deal with around the world. You may think it is a big SECRET, but in fact it is not that secretive. You simply need to know what to do.


For example, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are both chronic diseases that deal with controlling blood sugar. The major difference is that in Type 1 patients, the pancreas has shut down and no longer produces insulin to lower blood sugar. Type 2 individuals still have a somewhat functional pancrease; however, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to lower blood sugar.

Typically, the doctors to Type 1 diabetes is to give patients insulin and often a combination of medications. In type 2, insulin may or may not be required, but the use of medications are prescribed.


Quite often physicans either don't know or refuse to advise patients that lowering blood sugar may be accomplished with diet, and exercise, supplementation, and medication. The Bible teaches that as children of God we are to fast, pray, and study the word of God. For thousands of years, people have taken this approach to keep their bodies healthy and well. Now fasting does not mean that you have to go without eating the entire time. There are many different types of fasting in the Bible and one of the main fasts is the Daniel fast. The Daniel fast is the fast of vegetables and water. This fast is optimal for anyone suffering from diabetes, high blood-pressure, lupus, fibromyalgae, cancer, pain, fatigue, and/or depression. I will explain why later.


Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her cancer with the Daniel fast, supplementation, prayer, and Bible reading. Below, I will provide a quick guide to the LIBERATE diet (a list of foods that our ministry recommends to eat for optimal health). This list will help you to lower the effects of chronic diseases and in some cases totally reverse them. I will also provide a list of foods that you may want to avoid when suffering with complications. Finally, I will provide you with the website to my health and wellness supplementation company that will enable you to get all of the proper vitamins, minerals, and supplements necessary to feel healthy in every way. Please print this list out for yourself so that you will have this quick guide everywhere you go. If you or someone you know suffers from any of these chronic diseases, below are recommendations.


Some Foods You May Want to Eat:


1. Drink Plenty of Water

2. Fish

3. Chicken

4. Beef

5. Greenbeans/Carrots/Spinach/Broccoli/Cauliflower/Peas/Greens/Lentils/Oats

6. Apples/Strawberries/Blueberries

7. Cinnamon/Tumeric/Olive Oil

8. Salad

9. Exercise (At least 30 minutes per day)

10. Supplement: (Beyond Tangy Tangerine - Multivitamin)



Some Foods You May Want to Avoid:


1. Flower/Bread/Cakes/Muffins/Biscuits

2. Too-much Rice/Beans/Potatoes/Pasta/Noodles

3. Ice-Cream/Sodas

For more extensive discussions on this, please write or email me in order to be a part of our teleconferences, webinars, and Bible studies.


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