God Wants the Bible to Fuel You

January 8, 2018

So many people ask me why I read the Bible, talk about the Bible, and love the Bible so much.  Let me tell you why!


A lot of people look at the Bible as any other book, they think of it as a good to know, a good to study piece of material.  The Bible is much more than a book, it is a living, breathing, lifesaving and soul saving book.  The Bible is the word of God and the word of God is Jesus, so when you read the Bible you are connecting with Jesus.  You are spending time with Jesus, alone time with God.  You are connecting your soul to the power of heaven and the breath of God.  The Bible is a fascinating book with powers from the world above, it is our ladder to heaven, it is our rocket power out of the negative gravity of this world that seeks to hold us down.  The Bible is your answer, your solution, and your key to knowledge understanding of the will of God. 


I don’t know how you feel right now; I’m not sure if you feel up or down; I don’t know if you feel blessed or cursed; I don’t know if you feel connected or disconnected; but what I do know is that the Bible is a the greatest instrument of warfare we have to fight the enemy.


The Bible anoints the dry soul, and it blesses the confused mind; the words of God comforts, creates, and cleanses the deep recesses of your spirit; The Bible delivers you from the influence of idols and breaks the stronghold of satan. 


When your mind is down in the dumps, the Bible has a way of elevating it into the third part of heaven.  The Bible grants you access into the throne room of God; The Bible heals the sick and dying.  He literally sends out His word and heals you.  The Bible gives you inspiration that no one on this earth can ever give you, it inspires you with every idea, every thought, and every innovation.  The Bible is the living word, whatever is dead has to leave and whatever is alive it gives more life.


Don’t forsake reading the scriptures, don’t give in to the entertainment sent to distract you from His word.  The Bible lifts up those who are weak in the faith, it does the impossible, it moves mountains.  What mountain do you need moved?  Read His word over you situation and that mountain will jump and be planted in the sea.  The words in the bible will never return void, you can believe its warnings and embrace its promises.


Read the word and God will give you the answers to all your questions.  It has the power to produce something from nothing; it has the ability to decorate your soul with heavenly ornaments; it has the power to restore, renew, and refresh every atom of your being.  God’s Bible is powerful!  The Bible satisfies the hungry, it turns lives that have been completely destroyed, totally around!


The Bible is the greatest jewel that you can possess, by it you reap success, prosperity, and every other treasure under the sun.  It is the sword of the Spirit, the oracle of the prophet, the Urim and Thumim of the priest, and the guide of every day Christians.  The words of the Bible are timeless and eternal, when everything has passed away, heaven and earth included, one thing will still echo and resound throughout the deep recess of space and time and that is the Bible.  Keep it in you and it will keep you living forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!  The Bible.


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