We Owe Jesus Everything

January 11, 2018

I owe it all to Jesus. I owe it all to Jesus.

Every cent, every dollar, everything.

He gave me the knowledge, the wisdom, and the opportunity.

I owe it all to Jesus because He made it all.

I don’t take my peace, my joy, or my gifts for granted.

The gold is His, the silver is His, and the precious stones are His.

He has let me borrow what belongs to Him and I have no problem giving it back to Him.

I owe everything to Jesus and so do you.

The God that we serve has given us everything we have.

He has given us our minds, our wills, and our health.

We owe it all back to Jesus.

He has given us our faith, our hope, and our love.

We owe everything to Him.

We owe Jesus our substance, we owe Jesus our future.

Heaven is responsible for every good thing on earth.

We owe heaven.

Don’t complain about giving to God because He gives you life, light, and vision.

Everything you have belongs to the kingdom of heaven.

Give back to heaven; support God’s cause on this earth.

We give our treasure, our hearts, and our time to things that don’t really deserve it.

Why not give what you have to God because He’s responsible for everything good you have.

We owe heaven too much to repay, but God only asks for our obedience.

We owe heaven because God gives us the true blessings, the true glory, and the supernatural light.

We owe it all to Jesus, so give it all to Jesus.


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