Passion for Your Calling

January 12, 2018

Your desires will become a reality when you become passionate about them.  You say you want to do great things. You say that you want to accomplish big things.  You say that you desire to change the world, but you will never change your world, neither will you change the world, until your actions become as constant as your heartbeat.  The world is not shaped by lazy men or lazy women, the world is changed by people with passion!  It is changed by people who have the impetus of getting things done.


The Lord changed the world through His passion!  Jesus’ passion led Him to the cross…His passion gave Him the power to endure persecution, overcome trials and tribulations, and walk through impossible doors. 


You say that you want to be great, you dream of being something special and different, but until you become passionate, it will only be a dream!  In your hands you have the power to create change, you have the power to do amazing things, and you have the ability to work wonders!


Many people are born dreaming and die dreaming because they never found the necessity of working passionately towards a single goal!  Many people are born imagining how great they will become and never see that reality because they refused to dedicate their entire life to their God given mission.  Dreaming is great, imagining is great, but until you become a doer, you are just an imaginer!  Find the greatness that is within you and surround yourself with people who are passionate about the vision and who are willing to work with you to accomplish it in Jesus name!


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