January 14, 2018



I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who wished me a very happy birthday! As we share these wonderful experiences with the people who mean the most, it is a reminder that God is gracious to us and loves us unconditionally. THANKS EVERYONE!! What a wonderful time with my beautiful Annie and kids, with our Ministry family, and our friends. THANKS. Below are some pictures and video of the day! Great time!!! Don't forget to read the spiritual message of the day!



You have to lift up your eyes and see the bigger picture. There will be opportunities to become focused on things that are so small and insignificant that you will totally lose your true purpose. Don’t make that mistake. Don’t make the mistake of zooming in on things that are fleeting; don’t make the mistake of binding your emotions to things are not that important.


Lift up your eyes and see that God has a greater purpose for you; a grander vision; and a far more splendid place for you to go in life. Where you are today is only temporary; where you will be tomorrow is only for a moment; but the place that God is taking you is beyond what you can imagine.


Where you are going everyone can’t come; everyone won’t be able to visit; and everyone won’t be able to enjoy. You are going to a place of greatness and those who rub you the wrong way today are simply preparing you on how to perform at the higher level. You weren’t meant to remain in the weeds, dealing with the thorns, and fighting unnecessary wars. You are being primed for greatness.


Take your eyes off of what you are not meant to control and direct; put your eyes on the Lord. Take your eyes off of everyone else and enjoy who you are and what God created you to be. This walk is about Jesus and what He wants to use you for.


You are glorious in the hands of the Lord; let Him use you, let Him bless you, and let Him direct you all the way. Those who walk with you as you walk with Christ will blessed! Focus your love and attention on God!


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