God Wants You to Keep Building

January 15, 2018

Building takes time. Building takes patience. Building takes commitment. Building takes trial and error. You will not always have all the resources you need, you will not always have the people you need, and you will not always have everything in place, but you still have to BUILD! Sometimes you will be tired, sometimes you will be lonely, sometimes you will be discouraged, but that is a part of the building process. Whether you are building a marriage, building a ministry, building a business, or building a home, building takes work and unless you are willing to put the time in, it will never get done.


Sometimes you will have to fight while you build. You will have to fight negative thoughts while you lay your bricks. Sometimes you will have to fight the adversary, while laying the foundation. The building process is a tough process, but if you put in the time, put in the hard work, and put in the energy you will have everything you need to finish. The end of the building process is beautiful!


People will say, “this work is amazing.” They will say, “this is a wonderful life you have built.” They will say, “you are lucky to have such a wonderful building,” but they will not understand the process. Are you willing to sacrifice to get something better? Are you willing to lay down your desires today to receive what you really want? To build requires sacrifice, patience, and perseverance. The road is tough, the journey is long, but the reward is great! Join the building process! The Lord didn’t say building would be easy, but it will be worth it!


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