The Spiritual World is Blessed

January 16, 2018

Who is God?

God is Spirit! God makes Breath! God makes Wind!

God has become our life and salvation.

His name is Jesus!

Who are angels?

Angels are the people who live above the clouds.

The people of above the clouds are the first people.

The first people are spirit beings, they are made of wind and breath from God.

The angels were created by God.

What do angels look like?

They appear as fire.

Their fire and light is not visible to men they exist in a different dimension and light spectrum.

They live in the world that is not visible to man.

Their world is visible to those who can see the wind.

Can angels visit earth?

Angels have the power to visit earth.

The men and women of heaven are spirit beings and they move through earth like wind.

They operate like the wind, you can feel their presence, but you cannot see them with human eyes.

The spirits that God creates are sent into human bodies at the cellular level, at the seed level.

The spirits that God creates leave the body at the appointed time and become wind and soul again.

The spirits fly back to heaven and live in the presence of God who is Spirit!

The men who fell from heaven were spirit beings, their new bodies became the bodies of animals.

They inhabited snakes, pigs, and large beasts of the earth. Some were bound to the bottomless ocean.

They deceived Adam and upgraded to live in the bodies of men to fulfill their lusts.

They will be reserved in darkness under the waters, in the bottomless ocean, and burning caves forever.

The God who is invisible to human eyes created man by His Spirit, by His breath, by His wind.

He breathed that wind into man whom He created from dust.

The evidence is found in the breath of man. Man’s breath can be heard and felt, but not seen.

That is man’s spirit, that is man’s breath, that is man’s wind.

When a man’s physical time on earth has expired, he returns to his wind, and exits his body.

The spirit and breath of the man goes into the presence of God and continues to enjoy life.

He enjoys life if he is saved, he is reserved in darkness if he is unsaved.

The spirit and wind of the man travels to heaven and waits until the day he receives his new body.

All of the spirits related to him are joined together because they are made of the same spirit and wind.

He does not lose knowledge or wisdom of anything and may also return to witness to his family.

He enters into the world of the eternal, it is the world of the wind and spirit.

We know it is the eternal world because we cannot know how old wind is.

Even if we were to gather the wind, experience its power, we still cannot tell its age. It is timeless.

Men who enter into God’s presence also become timeless.


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