God Wants You Connected

January 25, 2018

What do you want for your life? Do you want to live in power or defeat? Do you want to live in strength or weakness? Do you want to live in spiritual vision or carnal blindness? You can do something about it and it’s not too late!


There is power in connection and there is power in being covered. There are people asking God for power, asking God for vision, asking God for revelation, but they are missing a critical piece.


Supernatural blessings flow from the head down and supernatural vision flows from leadership down! We cannot walk away from the power supply and expect to have unlimited access to what you used to have. The power will eventually fade and the anointing will eventually dry because we are not the source of our own spiritual authority nor the source of our own power!


The power flows from Jesus to those He has truly ordained, to those He has empowered for the mission. There is no mystery, there is no puzzle to figure out, and there are no ways to subvert this truth; we must come through that door. We gain access the the same way the people of old gained access to heaven. Samson is an example of a man who lost access; He became weak in power, absent in virtue, and lost in vision.


The glory is available to you, but we must become little children to receive it. God does not respond in a positive way to pride; God will only respond in a negative way to pride. If we desire to be filled with power we must humble ourselves in repentance and get reconnected to the glory!


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