God Will Lift You Higher

January 27, 2018

New things are transpiring in the Holy Ghost! New gifts are being poured out by the Spirit of God! Great power has been given and great glory has returned! Those who see you will be amazed at the glory and lifting God has given you. God has confirmed His word three times and you are being called to a much higher ground!


The power and glory of the Lord has been given! He has given you power above your enemies, He has lifted you above the devour, and He has set you high above the trees! When the strength of the Lord is upon you, you can take off vertically and accelerate with the virtues of God. He has sent His Spirit to lift you, He has sent His power to give you authority over devouring enemies. The enemy seeks to destroy you, but he’s not able to touch you; the enemy has sent out every force he has to capture you, but you are flying in the Spirit.


The fleshly and the earthly is under you, the grounds do not touch your feet. The Lord has lifted you and anointed you; the Lord is sending you places by the Spirit. People are being blessed by you. Your family, your city, and your state is being transformed because you run through it. Your workplace is being anointed because you walk the grounds and the Spirit of the Lord is setting you on high.


He is restoring the backsliders through you; He is revealing to you the state of the fallen. God is using you. He does not want you to worry about the things of old, He wants you to love and move forward with the new things He has for you. The energy is gathering, the power is growing, the virtue is compacting, and the driving force of His Spirit is taking you where He wants you to go. Stay in the Spirit; walk in the Spirit; run in the Spirit because something amazing is happening now.


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