Keys to Build Your City

January 30, 2018

7 Keys to Building Your City


Change the spirit: Make it Right Again

•Mobilize missionaries/chaplains in every school, city, state

•Establish local and global prayer groups that operate 24/7

•Organize a national pastor/prophet coalition designed for restoring hope


Change the mind: Make it Positive Again

•Conduct quarterly focus meetings with the media to cover positive stories

•Develop and share daily blogs that grounds the mind with inspiration

•Establish 24/7 audio reading rooms with handpicked inspirational literature


Change the body: Make it One Again

•Organize Diversity mentorship teams for every inner-city school

•Raise the literacy/technology level for minorities

•Sponsor entrepreneurial ventures for minorities


Change the family: Make it Normal Again

•Push traditional family commercials, sponsor school programs

•Restore optional prayer in schools

•Institute free morality, abstinence, and procreation courses for families


Change the education: Make it Smart Again

•Boost STEM programs among minorities

•Create competitive tournaments on various levels

•Establish standardized college/military test preparation programs beginning in HS


Change the economy: Make it Produce Again

•Organize free entrepreneurial training starting from scratch for minorities

•Bring production back to America by creating goods at home for export

•Develop energy independence by using our natural resources


Change the outreach: Make it Respected Again

•Meet with community/world leaders on safety and security

•Work closely with our allies to aid them in solving their major problems

•Send missionaries and ambassadors to communities/nations to restore the foundations


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