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Min. Daniel Griffith, CEO

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Hello, my name is Daniel Griffith, I am fifteen years old, and I'm a Christian minister and entrepreneur. First of all, I teach the Word of God, lead and motivate others in business, and am a life-long learner. Some of the focused functions I operate in are training and developing youths in music, worship, fitness, and health and wellness.  I love sharing my cooking skills and helping my community with my landscaping ventures.  Check out my social media links.  To support my work or book a time for your youths, click below...

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

About Me

I love to reach people in different ways. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn a skill they desire. I desire to teach people the skills that they never thought they could learn. If I possess a skill or art that I can share with others, it is my motivation to help people achieve those desires and wants in any way I can. And what better way to do those things then to start a business, a self-sustaining business, offering services like ( life coaching, guitar lessons/tutorship, cooking tips and recipes, health advice, and much more). Using the skills, I've obtained in my life to help others obtain those very skills is rewarding and fulfilling. 


1.Yard work, weed eating, lawn care, trash clean-up, and moving items 

2. Musical training (lessons on the guitar & piano, 1 on 1 training with students)

3. Health and wellness/fitness (nutrition/dieting/fasting/getting in shape)

4. Cooking classes (specialized dishes)

5. Sports training (basketball/tennis/soccer skills development)

6. Math tutoring (tutoring youths in math and science)

7. Life coaching (youth mentoring/advising on maintaining joy in their lives)

  And many more skills to come.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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