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Our Giving Mission

Locked in the Liberty of Christ is a community of giving.  Our resources are dedicated to evangelism, outreach, and charity.  In order to continue to forward our global mission and work, we use the offerings of the Lord to support our leadership team for both the time, operations, and administrative requirements to make this organization thrive.  Furthermore, we are focused on solving basic needs of people we serve by helping with our Food and Housing Fund.  The primary goal of this is to assist those seeking help in their greatest times of need.  Consider support this mission.

The Giving Breakdown

Tithes: According to scripture tithes are used for those who build the kingdom of God, preach the word, and service the people of God.  Across our ministry, we support our leaders with tithes for their time, talent, and treasure being dedicated to the building of the body of Christ.  

Offerings:  According to scripture offerings are used for the building of the temple, the sustainment of the poor, and the overall growth of God's environment.  As such, we utilize the offerings of the Lord to manage and support our local fellowships, resource and staff all of our technical systems that enable us to reach people around the globe, and to fund our administrative teams who manage our websites, social media platforms, apps, and conference call requirements.  Additionally, offerings are used to support local initiatives, building costs and rentals, and youth development programs.

Evangelism Fund: As the scriptures tells us, we are called to reach the world through evangelism.  In our day, we are able to do this by utilizing integrated and mechanism that allow us to touch any part of the globe at the speed of light.  As such, we utilize the evangelism fund to create and produce advertisements and virtual capabilities to reach the masses with the word of Christ.  Without funds in this area we would be significantly hindered from reaching the nations for Christ.

Food Fund:  The food fund is set up to provide food and water resources to those in their greatest hour of need.  We support many families who need to general help.  As Jesus said, when I was hungry you gave me meat, when I was thirsty you gave me drink.  In this context, it is very important for us not to forget the Line of Effort as designed by Jesus Christ to feed His sheep and to feed His lambs.  Please consider providing funds for this ministry as the growing costs of food and supplies are affecting billions globally due to inflation and supply chain demands.

Housing Fund:  Our housing fund has been established to help those in emergency, crisis situations to have a place to live.  As the scripture says, having clothes and raiment let us be content.  This fund is not to designed to provide expensive housing opportunities, but to provide assistance in the time of need.  With growing costs for housing and the homeless crisis, it's imperative that we set aside resources to help God's people.  Please consider supporting the Homeless Fund.

Thank you for your consideration and your support in all of these efforts as we deal with fighting the spiritual battles of the Lord.  Please remember to support our efforts as we strive to be a blessing to the world and expand the global mission of Jesus!


Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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