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Heal the sick and Raise the Dead

Holy Spirit Healing & Prophetic Prayers

If you need healing and deliverance in your body and in your life, this is a sanctuary for the divine.  The Holy Spirit Healing & Prophetic Prayers community is set up to focus on your healing and receive peace of mind and soul.  Enjoy this environment of God, be filled and sealed with the Holy Spirit!  Be healed by God! Rest in the Prophetic gifts of Jesus Christ.  

Holy Spirit Healing

Jesus said, in my name you will cast out devils, you will speak with new tongues, if you drink any deadly thing it will not hurt you, and you will take up serpents.

You Are Called

  1. Cast out devils

  2. Speak with new tongues

  3. Lay hands on the sick

  4. Take up serpents

  5. Loose the captives

  6. Break yokes

  7. Raise the dead

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