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You Are Going to Do Impossible Things

You don’t need to worry about the next steps, God already has those planned out.  The most important thing for you to do is to ensure you are in alignment with God.  Being in alignment means to be in

God is About to Do A Good Work In You

They will come from near and far to seek you out.  They will call to you from the midst of the wilderness and look for help when they are in strange places.  God has appointed you to be an ensign to t

God Is Opening Doors for You, Walk In

When the Most High opens a door for you, it’s not His intention for you to simply walk in the door.  The Lord is looking for you to walk into the door and discover everything that is in the room.  He

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Hannes Deetlef
Hannes Deetlef
Dec 06, 2021

I think I might be lost please let me known but I will be heer online balmostb10 at night but normal for me 12 midnight I be heer eny way I don't know the time delay from South Africa band us. I have a candle burning in me. Just by saying Jesus Jesus hallelujah to worship ND get up. Thank you. I am her to light candles to be on fire for Jesus. I won't stop calling on the lord ever avemain

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