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A PROPHETIC WORD FOR YOU! Read below and share…

Pray. Fast. Fill your mind with God’s word. This is the pathway to your divine blessings. The Lord has said if you do these things that He will….

—Increase your faith

—drive out demons

—heal your body

—work miracles for you

—give you supernatural provisions

—raise you to the high places of the earth

The enemy is doing everything in his power to keep you from fasting and praying because he knows you are squandering his influence, choking his words, and blocking his attacks against you and your family. He’s afraid that if you continue to fast and give that he will lose all control and many souls will be saved. This is why he…

—stirs up arguments, tempts you, lies on you, speaks lies to you, tries to block, raises up challenges to you.

Don‘t think it’s strange concerning the trial! It’s evidence that God’s power is resting upon you! Continue to press into the anointing God has for you and deliver the captives in Jesus name!

Jimmy Griffith, Apostle Dr

LILOC Prophetic Church

If you need prayer dial 1-833-552-7770

Follow this page and download the app at

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Aretha Richardson
Aretha Richardson
02 במאי 2022

Amen need my healing


yes Lord


Yes Lord


Pressing on in Jesus's mighty name.. 🙏


Yes Lord I believe your word and God I need you every second, minute, hour and day of my life and I need you now Jesus

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