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The Lord Jesus is saying, don’t take your eyes off of me! I’m going to carry you from the dust to the top of the mountains! I’m going to give you peace! You have no idea what I am going to do for your future, wait on me! I am going to position you among my eagles and you will mount with them!

Listen my brother and my sister! God has made some express promises to you! He has promised to provide for your every need and to give you the strength to pull down every spiritual force rising against you! And though you may be concerned about what the enemy is doing the truth is, satan and his demons are afraid of what you are becoming in Jesus Christ! Today, I want you to meditate on and whisper the name of Jesus and receive the divine power and inspiration that’s flowing into your life from heaven! In Jesus name!

If this word blessed you, type AMEN and SHARE it to bless somebody else!  Also follow this page!

-Download LILOC app:

-Receive Inspirational Texts: Text the word “Liberate” to 833-455-0632

-Need Immediate Prayer, dial 1-833-552-7770

-Need Healing & Prophecy, Daily @ 3PM/9PM EST

-Need Family Growth, Thursday’s @ 7PM EST Register:

-Need Deliverance, Saturday’s @ 1030PM EST


*Conference Call/Dialing Info on website/app

-Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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