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A Very Special Word About Your Family!

God Bless You Family! Here's a very special word about your family, and I believe the Lord Jesus has inspired me to share it with you. Please share with your friends and family members. Also if you want them to receive this daily inspiration tell them to text the word LIBERATE to 833-455-0632.

First of all, I want each of you to know and understand that God can restore your life and he can preserve your family. So many people are discouraged about their life, depressed about the conditions of their family, and broken because they feel there is no hope. Let me tell you about Jacob, a man who had the blessing of Abraham, also a man who lived in fear and trauma, also had wreckless children, but who also was a man of much trauma and pain. Here's a little about his struggle:

Jacob was considered a cheater and thief

Jacob stole his brothers birthright and blessing

Jacob had children who killed an entire nation

Jacob had a family that held on to false gods

Jacob had children from 4 women

Jacob was constantly living in fear

Jacob didn't love his wife Leah

Jacob had a favorite wife and favorite son

Jacob housed sons that were murderers

Jacob didn't raise his children right

Jacob made many mistakes in business

Jacob had a daughter that was raped

Jacob had a son that was sold into slavery

Jacob had a son that slept with one of his concubines

Jacob often didn't put God first

Jacob wrestled with an angel that changed his life

Jacob started building altars

Jacob removed idols from his home

Jacob turned his family back to God

Jacob cleansed his family

The point is, God wants you to know that it doesn't matter what level of dysfunction, depression, hurt, or pain you are dealing with today, God will work with you and restore you if you begin to put Him first. Your family could be struggling in manifold ways, but God has a solution at the altar. Don't give up on bringing your family, business, or ministry to the Lord, with God, all things are possible. Look for supernatural healing in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ!

If you receive this word, type AMEN and SHARE it!

-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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