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Before you get discouraged, let me remind you

Before you get discouraged, let me remind you:

You overcame trials you never went through before

You met new friends you never knew before

You received opportunities never offered before

You received new platforms never obtained before

Don’t be discouraged by what’s happening, get encouraged about the new things coming!

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Glory to God Almighty,help me not to be discouraged.Amen.

Gefällt mir

17. Dez. 2022

Dear Jesus Help us not to be discouraged when things doesn't come into our own expectations but rather help us to focus on our faith to you Oh Lord that something else is better for us. Your plans are greater than ours. In Jesus wonderful name, amen🙏🙏🙏

Gefällt mir

Dana Paul Calabro
Dana Paul Calabro
16. Dez. 2022

Glory to God hallelujah

Gefällt mir

AMEN 🙏🏽 💖

Gefällt mir
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