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Divine Growth is Going to Happen for You

Supernatural growth is coming to you in this season. You will experience the planting of the Lord. You will see the goodness of the Lord. God is going to manifest to you His great plans and He is going to sow seeds through your life. The seed of victory, the seed of power, and the seed of prosperity. It has taken some time, but the blessing of God is going to sprout in your life.

In Genesis 46, we see that God took the seed of Jacob and planted them in Egypt. He didn’t plant them in Egypt for them to become Egyptians, He planted them there so they could learn wisdom and build their own nation and kingdom. Everything you’ve been going through is because God wants you to learn and grow. Your family struggles are a future prophecy of where you will someday succeed. God is saying to you today,

I AM directing your moves

I AM planting your family seed in great places

I AM setting you up for unlimited growth

I AM leading and guiding your steps

I AM teaching you the wisdom and knowledge of the nations

I AM with you in the midst of your struggle

I AM going to cause you to prosper and be in good health

Be encouraged and understand that God is sprinkling your seed throughout the world. The seed of God within you is growing within you and in every place you stand. Trust the process of the Lord and know that you are going to grow supernaturally.

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-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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