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God Can't Bless Your Flesh, But He Wants to Bless Your Spirit!

  • God first breaks your flesh, then He gives you a blessing

  • Jacob cried to God for help and God came and broke his leg, but left him with an everlasting covenant and new name

  • The day Jacob’s hip was put out of joint was the best day of his life. He received power with God and man

  • Sometimes we ask God, why did you send everyone out of my life, and God says, I had to get rid of them to bring blessings into your life

  • Sometimes we ask God, why have you caused my health problems? God says because I wanted to give you heaven and perfect health would have kept you away from me

  • Sometimes we ask, God why did you put me in prison? God says to give you my promises

  • God sometimes breaks your flesh to bless your future

  • Sometimes you have to walk with a crutch to reach your eternal potential

  • God can’t anoint your flesh, He can only anoint the broken flesh

  • Your limp gives you access to the Lord

  • A perfect body has no promise, but a body broken for the purpose of God will bring eternal blessings. God gave you the problem to grant you the promise

  • As you get closer to eternity, God allows pain and problems to keep you close to Him. He’s not willing to lose you

  • Be willing to trade the flesh for the Spirit. Jacob traded his hip for eternal history. Esau gave up his spiritual blessings to satisfy his flesh

  • Jesus was bruised on the heel by the serpent but crushed the serpent’s head. Jesus prayed until great drops of blood poured from his body. He was willing to trade the flesh for eternal rewards and a name above every name.

  • Jacob was faithful in tithing for 20 years, then he received the limp. Some people want to get the limp before they have proven obedience.

  • Don’t seek a limp from disobedience; get the limp because you were being obedient.

  • Fasting and prayer can cause spiritual limps

  • Jesus and Jacob both obtained a limp from God because of travail and intercession.

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Very Respectfully,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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Uche Obasi
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