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God Has a Seat for You

There is a place for you. There is a position for you. There is a seat for you. Sometimes you may feel that there are no open doors for you or that people don’t value you. Let me encourage you that God has many seats for you and many open doors. He has declared, I AM HE WHO OPENS AND NO MAN SHUTS AND SHUTS AND NO MAN OPENS. God is going to put you where you belong in this world, just seek His face. He is going to bring people your direction that will open doors of great blessing and wealth, just wait upon Him. Today you may feel a struggle, a resistance to your goals and plans, but he has many opportunities for you in this life. You will sit in seats you don’t deserve; you will govern in locations you didn’t think you were worthy of. You will be principal and executive at the highest levels, prepare yourself.  

Hear the prophetic. God has a divine seat for you.

The seat Jesus Christ has appointed for you is glorious, it is a position of power and authority. It is a seat of royalty, a seat of wealth, a seat more valuable than diamonds, rubies, and every precious gem. God has called you to a place of authority; a place of kingdom rulership; a seat for the Holy Spirit of God. The LORD has spoken SEEK FOR THIS SEAT. This is the position of God’s Holy Word. From this place you will give divine revelation to the nations, you will prophesy to the Church, and you will lead with the pure glory of God. 

You will access this seat by absolute fasting, by reading the sacred Word of God, and by praying in the realm of the Spirit. See and understand how important your position in Christ is. We sit together in heavenly places, bringing God’s vision and plans to pass. We access His divine nature and share it with the world. We receive divine guidance, strategy, and purpose from heaven. We receive wealth and glory by listening to His voice. Understand that your seat is reserved and your position is surrounded by divine protection. It is specially crafted for you, fitted for your body, soul, and spirit. You will change lives because of your obedience; you will establish the foundations of many generations from the place that God has called you to.  

References: Ephesians 2:6

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In His service,  

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith 



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