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God Has His Way of Making Things Happen for You!

God has His way of making things happen. Before you complain or bicker about what you are going through, take a moment and ask yourself, what is God doing? God has the power to turn your negative situation into a positive outcome. The Lord has the ability to transform your life from darkness to light and to increase your vision to levels you've never thought. Before you get discouraged, do this:

Pray more about it

Rest your heart in God's word

Try to see things from God's perspective

Wait upon the Lord and give Him your focus

When you think that all is lost, wait upon the Lord and He will make things happen for your good! God is saying...

Wait on Me!

Follow my direction!

Keep my word!

Be patient with your progress!

Trust in Me!

May God bless you! Keep You and Strengthen You in Jesus name!

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