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God is Going to Provide You with Manifold Houses to Glorify Him

We must work for God while we have the opportunity. The Holy Spirit has given us God’s greatest gift so that we might realize God’s greatest impact upon the world. We are filled with the Holy Spirit that we might enjoy a brand new spiritual DNA of glory, a brand new spiritual language, a brand new method of spiritual preaching, and an infinitely more powerful witness upon the world. God has ordained that when we make it up in our minds to wait upon the Lord that we will experience a divine witness from God.

God has ordained that through Christ, if we wait, we will receive great power. Power to get closer to God, power to communicate directly with heaven, and power to search the things of God. In the generation we live in, men are more interested in money than the power of God. They are more interested in how to search out one’s pocket book than helping them to reach a full experience of the glory of God. Do not sell your friendship, fellowship, nor devotion filthy money or material things, dedicate yourself to those who love the searching of the Spirit.

There is enough power within you to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead. Don’t waste your time with systems and people that distract you from that glory. Choose the Holy Ghost, choose the outpouring of the Spirit, choose the divine focus. When you choose the power of God, you choose the business of God. When you choose the Spirit of God, you choose an eternal team. When you choose to search the things of God, you choose eternal satisfaction and that which is provided to you on the earth cannot be taken.

Allow Christ to build your platform organically. Allow Christ to satisfy you with good spiritual things. He and He alone will give you the platforms and the houses to glorify His name. He knows when your next level is required. He will provided everything you need as you launch out to seek His face. Every power, every connection, every person, and every team. You will continue to spread like a vine throughout the earth, not only will you build local houses, but God will give you manifold houses, globally. All will see and wonder because you have submitted to the plan of God and not your own, by the power of the Spirit.

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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