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God is growing your life in so many amazing ways!

God is growing your life in so many amazing ways. The pruning may be painful but the results are going to yield limitless fruit! You have been called of God to expand the Kingdom, to build the lives of others, and to bear fruit that remains! In this season, God is prophesying favor and celebration for the obedient! I pray you receive every drop of divine blessing meant for you to receive in Jesus name! Watch the pray for today! Also, today is my 40th Birthday, what do you recommend this decade be used for in glorifying God?

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18 de jan. de 2023

Our God is an amazing God,awesome in all his ways full of so many promises all for the ones who love him wholeheartedly. I love the Lord Jesus Christ


Happy birthday


Amen happy belated bdae


Have A Wonderful Day today on your Birthday, I thank God for you, and all that you do! You are Blessed Dr. Jimmy Griffith!


Ashley Barber
Ashley Barber
13 de jan. de 2023

Amen! Happy birthday Pastor Jimmy. I would reccomend this decade be used for creating new ways and ideas to include everyones children and grandchildren in the adult worship to glorify god.

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