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God is Sending You Healthy Relationships

God has you on His mind and He has answers to your prayers. God wants you to know that your best relationships will be found among those who love His word and love His commandments. Many people are heartbroken today because of mistreatment, abandonment, and betrayal by friends and family. The problem is, we expect faithfulness from people who were found in unfaithful places, this leads to brokenness, discouragement, and emotional pain. God is saying to you today, He is going to send you the right people to build with, work with, agree with, and grow with.

You have not been destined to be subject to unhealthy relationships. Your life is not supposed to be smothered by people who manipulate and discourage you. You were not ordained to suffer under abusive and vulgar slanders. God wants you to have people in your life that will build you up and help you to accomplish your mission in life.

In the Book of Acts, we see that the Apostle Paul met most of his lifelong friends and companions in the community of believers. They helped him to grow and expand his ministry; they supported him in his times of discouragement. God is saying to you:

I have people that will help you

I have people who will love you

I have people who will encourage you

I have people who will build with you

I have people who will support you

I have people who will speak life over you

I have people who will be faithful to you and bless you

If you are dealing with discouragement in your relationships, the Lord Jesus wants you to know He is sending you healthy relationships. Align yourself with the community of God and those who love His word and your life will never be the same. You will prosper and be blessed.

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-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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AMEN, 🧡🙏🧡


All praises to God. Help me to wait on you I pray for wisdom and knowledge to receive who God sends in my life. Thank you God and I receive a Healthy whole relationship. It's in Jesus name Amen

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