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God Says, Ask Me for Wisdom and I Will Bless You

James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given.”

Today, you are struggling and lacking in certain areas of your life, but God says, Ask Me for Wisdom. God’s wisdom is going to make the difference in your life. God’s wisdom is going to take you from earning wages to building systems. His wisdom is going to lead you from dependency to sufficiency. God’s wisdom is going to give you the mindset and understanding to escape those things that are holding you in bondage and taking away your peace.

All you need to do is pray and ask God for supernatural wisdom. He promises to bless you freely; He promises to give you direction. The LORD has the power to lift you up, turn your situation around, and give your family the tools that will last for generations. Jesus Christ is going to show you the way of divine blessing. He will enlighten your eyes to see the value in things that no one else sees. If you ask in a heart of faith, He will multiply you and promote you by those who have no intention on seeing you walk in blessings. Yes, God will cause your enemies to produce your promotion. Not a promotion of an hourly wage, but a promotion to your entire spiritual and natural economy.

The Lord is saying, “ASK ME FOR WISDOM.” God is going to direct your steps, He is going to illuminate your thoughts and ideas, and He is going to change your entire life. The Father knows that you need blessings and resources to get to your spiritual promised land; He knows you need funding to support the vision He has called you to perform; He knows that you need divine protection. The LORD GOD will provide for you if you come to Him in prayer and ask Him for wisdom. You will be guided by His light in Jesus name!

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-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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Griffith Annmarie
Griffith Annmarie
2023년 3월 26일

Very encouraging pastor! Asking right now for wisdom!


I need supernatural healing of the Body mind and soul and redemption




Amen Thank you Lord



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