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Good Afternoon Family! I have a word of exhortation for you today!

Today I am so inspired today about the power of the name of Jesus! No matter what the world is saying and doing, the name of Jesus still works. I see glory rising upon the people of the name! I see light springing forth on the spiritual mountains. God has told me that through the name of Jesus we will be guided by grace and satan will be captivate, capitulated, constipated, and capsulated. Today, I feel the spirit of oppression being lifted from the body of Christ! Those who are calling upon His name are feeling a shift in the spirit realm.

If you are committing yourself to Christ and are maintaining your relationship with Him in the midst of this dysfunctional, wicked and adulterous generation, you deserve to make it to heaven! God is looking for men and women who will be dedicated to Him even in the midst of distraction! He is joyful over those of us who choose to call upon His name and welcome His Spirit into our homes and our bodies.

Today, I prophesy over you that as you step out in belief and refuse to let go of the name of Jesus, that the Spirit of prosperity, love, and holiness is going to overtake your life. Every fleshly, demonic control will be dismembered and cast out of your life and you will see the fruitfulness of God! I dare you to be the man or woman who calls upon the name of Jesus more than anyone else in the world! Though sidetracked a million times, hindered thousands of times, you who will still slowly, steadily keep the name of the Lord Jesus on your lips will receive the divine nature of God over time.

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Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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