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Good Day Family! God won’t leave you!

Even in the worst times there will still be good times! Even in the pain you will still grab hold to relief! This most important thing to remember is that your trouble won’t last always. Always remain faithful, continue to to love unconditionally!

It is in the midst of the struggle that you will fully see your purpose and in the midst of the turmoil that the purpose of God becomes clear for your life. Jesus said I will never leave you. In your mess up He won’t leave you l, in your struggle He won’t leave you, and in your darkest hour the Spirit of God will be with you.

Even in Samson failure and sin, God did not leave him. He simply needed to get to a place of repentance and the glory and power of God came back into his life. Fear will try to take over you, but pray through it! Tribulations will try to break you but pray through them! Anger will try to destroy your future but don’t let it! Turn all of that frustration and pain into energy that can be used in prayer!

Big things are coming for your life as you make that daily commitment to call upon the name of Jesus!

Pastor Jimmy

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