Today is a day of rejoicing and a day of gratefulness! I am extremely blessed to know each of you and to share the joy of living the gospel! Remember when God is growing your roots deep, it takes time to see your fruit!

He declares in the word of God that “You will bring forth fruit in due season“ (Psalm 1). Continue to grow deep roots and deep connections with those who share your faith! It’s not necessary to entertain nor impress the crowd, but love the committed. Too often we are encumbered by people and situations that do not profit. It robs your joy, your time, and your focus. The Lord Jesus wants you to be settled in Him, following His plans, and sowing seeds that count.

Remember, you will reap what you sow. Keep sowing good seed in good ground. Keep sharing the gospel, keep praying for those in need, continue watering your spiritual plants and you will reap a wonderful and beautiful harvest of blessings.

If this word blesses you, type AMEN and SHARE!

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Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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